Making a Perfect Espresso!!

Tips for brewing the perfect espresso:

 1-The portafilter should be clean.

2- Always preheat the equipment (machine, cup and portafilter).

3-Soften the water you are using to make the espresso or use bottled distilled water.

4- Use a fresh Suzie Sips blend and grind the coffee beans only before making the espresso.

5- Check the grind and change it if you don't like the espresso it produced.

6-Use 1-Tablespoon of coffee for a single shot, and 2 Tablespoons for a double shot.

7-Tamp the coffee grind evenly into the portafilter.

8-Wipe the loose coffee grinds off the portafilter before locking it into the brew head.

9-Pour 1.5 oz for a single shot and 3 oz. for a double shot