About Us- Suzie Sips Coffee



Suzie Sips Coffee was established in July 2020, with the aim to produce great tasting coffee and stay true to the mantra that Life is too short to drink bad coffee.

As a mom, born in Canada's Maritimes, I moved to Ottawa when I was twelve, where my world had gone from small town to big town.

I met my husband at 22, graduated University at 25 and was married at 28...I decided to stay home and raise my family after my two boys arrived into this world. Best decision ever for me.

Our world consisted of tonnes of travel as my boys were both competitive baseball players, even making it to the National level, so more travel and way more coffee!!.

One thing that my husband and I looked so very forward to on our travels was finding the best coffee shops around. Travelling throughout the US and Canada the past 15 years, we have scoped out hundreds of cafes, some good, some bad and most in between.In those travels, we may have became coffee snobs, but when you are spending hard earned money, we deserved good coffee.

Now that the kids are grown and time has passed, I created @suzanne_loves_coffee and have had a blast with it. After encouragement from friends and followers, SuzieSips was created to pass on what we think is a great coffee with the Original Blend ,https://www.suziesips.com/ a few other small batch coffee favourites have followed and we are off to the races!!!

I truly hope you enjoy, #dontdrinkbadcoffee




Please follow us on Instagram @suzanne_loves_coffee as we try to bring the best of "Everything Coffee" to all.  Thanks!!


Our Values:

To provide our customers the best freshly roasted coffees with excellent service at a price that is fair to the producers and our customers. Our commitment to best practices towards customer service, defines the Suzie Sips Coffee brand.